What Lens are you looking through?

October 15, 2020:

If your opinions are valid, then you shouldn’t need to make someone else agree with you. 

Guess what? Your opinions ARE valid. Your walk in this world is exactly that: YOUR walk. And everyone else has theirs. And whatever you believe, you have found that in this moment, that works for you right now. 

I think that is beautiful. 

I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I don’t need to agree with anyone else. 

I think the world would be so beautiful if we could just allow each other to exist as we are. Love each other as we are. 

This time of great division in our country, and in our world, hurts my heart. When I think about so many people I love hating on so many other people that I love, it hurts me. When I see where I get caught up in the judgment myself, I feel ashamed. 

It’s why I have been so quiet. I am busy learning how to love myself even more, so that I am capable of loving others even more. 

This weekend I’ll be reveling in the love of my family. Just the other day, my son hugged me so good that I can still feel his arms around me. That is a neat feeling. 

We don’t agree on a lot of things. His walk in this world as a 31 year old city dwelling single father who is about to get married is very different than mine as a 50 year old semi-retired grandmother who lives on a mountain in an RV. But we don’t have to agree on things out in the world. We can love each other right where we are. 

The world looks different to each of us because we are looking through different lenses. 

There’s no right or wrong. There is just something to see. If you can’t love another human on the planet right where they are, the problem is not what you are looking at. It is the lens you are looking through.

Photo by Cody King from Pexels

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