Oh My God, We’re All Gonna Die!!!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Well.... yes, technically that is true, but not necessarily right this minute. Although, you would think so by what is being perpetually shoved at us from every angle these days. 

It’s May of 2020 and there is a virus going around the globe. I’m not talking about the illness everyone seems to be afraid of. I’m talking about the emotional virus that currently has too many humans freaking out. The Fear Virus. 

I’ve spent years of my life letting fear make the rules. I know what that feels like. I used to be so afraid of myself and my circumstances that I did I nothing more than sleep walk through my life, parroting whatever I was allowing to control me and program me at the time. I lived in self-prescribed boxes of unworthiness and limited beliefs, always doing what I was told. I was a good girl. 

Sure, I would “wake up” sometimes and find something new to get sucked into. But eventually, I would just end up programmed in a whole new way, until I finally realized I had done nothing more than put myself into another box that did nothing more than call the last box “wrong.”

I lived this way for a few decades before I really woke up and decided to examine my beliefs. I spent time in nature, I learned how to meditate, and I stepped into a role of observation. I observe myself, my thoughts, my words, my actions. I examine my beliefs, and I ask where they came from. Everything in my life changed when I began to observe it from a step back. 

As humans, we are born into a family with certain behaviors, beliefs, and culture. We take on whatever views and beliefs we happen to be born into and continue to pick up through personal experiences. Most people never actually stop and have the conscious awareness that every word out of their mouth is simply parroting whatever they allowed to be unconsciously planted into their subconscious mind by an outside source. 

I remember a moment at age 36, after my second divorce, when I realized that I had no idea what I really thought about anything at all. I had gone from my mother’s home, to first husband, and then pretty quickly to the next one. I knew what they each thought about the world, but I had no idea what I really thought about anything. So, I began to go out of my way to meet new people, read new genres in books, listen to music I didn’t think would appeal to me. I was open and ready to be exposed to anything new and different, no matter how crazy it might seem. I wanted to experience life, and not miss something cool because I was programmed into a box. I was determined to stay that way. 

In the years since then I have done a fairly good job of staying open to new ideas and opinions. There have been a few times where I could see things that weren’t so obvious to others, and I’ve had different ways of dealing with my thoughts and feelings around that. I’ve put myself back into a box every now and again, and I’ve even judged others for doing the same. But I’m a Learner at my core, and I always find my way back to an open mind with an open heart. 

Which takes me back to the point of this post. The Fear Virus. What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of it? Who told you to be scared? These are the questions I wish everyone would ask themselves right now. I have never made a good decision from a place of fear. Acting from fear makes people do stupid things. Just look at History. Fear has caused wars. Fear has caused concentration camps. Fear has caused lynchings, false arrests, and terrorism. Fear causes people to buy guns, and fear causes people to hate guns. Fear is always the root of the problem. 

Today, more than ever, humans are living in fear, making decisions from fear, and shoving their fear all over each other like never before. The Fear Virus has people scared of death AND just as scared of living. We are terrified of our neighbors, and ourselves. We are scared of what the world looks like now, and what it might look like next week. I get angry at my family members who can’t see what I see, and they are horrified that I don’t see it their way. 

What people don’t stop and see is that we are both afraid of what it would mean if the other person’s views were right. Read that again. We are both afraid of what it would mean if the other person’s views were right. 🤔

I tell people all the time that I am not afraid of death, or this illness. I am afraid of what it is turning people into. Because of that, I examine my actions and beliefs regularly. I check in with myself, I retreat from social media when necessary, and I re-align with Love first. 

Fear is the opposite of Love. We get to choose. 

Which one are you choosing? 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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