Go With The Flow...

That’s the message I have been receiving for weeks from every direction. Go with the Flow.

What does that even mean? Today I had a breakthrough, and I think I understand.

I am an Artist. <——— Period.

I live my life each day, and sometimes I get an inspired idea that simply HAS to be created as quickly as possible, while I’m feeling the FIRE! The excitement! The passion that comes with the vision. When it happens I am lit up from head to toe and I cannot BELIEVE that this idea came to ME. 🤩

I’m a Process person. I love every minute of creation, and the moment I am done with the piece, the process is over and so is my excitement. Generally the first day is utter bliss that I did that, and then it settles into “Oh that? Yeah, that was something I did last week (or month, or year).” 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have a few favorites that still excite me when I see them, but usually I’m on to the next one and it’s process has me much more excited than anything I have done before. My few favorites stay in my home and remind me of my journey as I learn and grow and try new things. They feel like milestones, or benchmarks, on my path as an Artist.

One of my frustrations throughout my journey as an Artist is having so many ideas in so many directions, and never really knowing how to combine my passions in a single piece. I love collecting random items that will someday land in my work, and I have several fragments of ideas for statements I would like to make in a piece, but the picture of what the end product looks like has not shown up just yet. So I sit here, playing with my art supplies as I “Go with the Flow.”

Today we drove to Winston-Salem to visit the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA). We got a late start leaving the house and we arrived with only 40 minutes before closing. I said let’s just take a quick pass through to see if it’s worth a longer visit next time; we can come back on a day they are open later.

What an excellent decision! The 45 minutes we were there changed my entire Art journey. To start off, the staff were incredible. They were friendly and available while totally leaving us alone to enjoy the exhibits.

We began in the main room for “Black @ Intersection.” It was an exhibition of work by contemporary Black artists about the changing landscape of what it means to be Black in America today. And it was incredible. Visual art as a language can be so much more than words. I truly felt the energy in the messages as much as I understood what each Artist was trying to say.

However, more than the point of the exhibition, I took away an exciting, explosive, incredibly POWERFUL inspiration for my own path as an Artist. I saw a technique- a style of mixed media that left me speechless as it pulled together several fragments of ideas and brought me answers for many of my own questions in my personal process of creation. I stood in this exhibition hall staring at a fantastic piece of work, and my head was pulling together seven different idea clouds that have been floating in my head for YEARS and plopped them all in one piece of Art right before my eyes. Mind.Blown. 🤯

I was excited like a child! Skipping and rambling and taking photos and planning our next stop to buy my new surface immediately so that I could begin tonight! LOL I could barely go into the next exhibit! And when I did, that one was a photographic version of exactly what I wanted to do on free floating canvas! It was like confirmation from the Art gods that I was on the right path! 😲 (It was also an incredible exhibition. I will get pictures of that one next time. 👍🏼)

Eventually, we walked the entire building. In the hallway on our way to the restroom I saw yet another reason to return. They have not one, but TWO Art-O-Mat machines! I have been following this project for YEARS, dying to see it in person and secretly wanting to collect 100 of these vending machine pieces of original Art for myself. Spending $5 for a token and walking out with my first Art-O-Mat block was the perfect ending to this experience. 😀

I think it hit me when I was washing my hands in the fanciest bathroom that I have ever been in during my 51 years visiting Art museums. Go with the Flow. I get it!!! Just go with the flow. Live your life. Stop trying so hard and just TRUST. Go have fun and relax. Leave space in your awareness for the coolest experiences and perfect answers to come in when you least expect it!

I thought I was just going to pop in and check out this place on my way to a few stores I can’t get closer to home. I had zero expectations of finding anything worth revisiting. I mean there wasn’t even admission to go in, how great could it be, right? When I woke up today I was simply hoping to get out of the house and actually go somewhere to break the monotony of this time of year, and get to spend some time with my man alone. I never DREAMED that I would get TWO incredible visions for works of Art by the end of the day, and find a completely new medium that would marry all the seemingly unrelated ideas and mediums that I love so much, or that I would get to see my very first Art-O-Mat machines and even go home with one! Go with the Flow. Got it. 👍🏼

I’m going to post this to my blog with a photo of my 5 Minute Chicken. If you want to see the Art that inspired me today, check out my Instagram feed @JoyfulJodiEvans ☺️

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