Dear JoDi,

I am really proud of you. You are ever-growing, ever-learning, and ever-expanding. You do not look backwards- only forward- full steam ahead.

This is a very big deal. You come from a long line of “hang onto the past and use it as an excuse to blame everyone for everything and not live today.”

You come from your own trauma, as well as your lineage of unhealed traumas, addictions, and victimization, chosen or not. Yet you have consciously chosen not to participate. Instead, you choose to actively allow it to be seen and healed by whatever means necessary.

Kudos to you!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

You are the epitome of “Ask me again tomorrow, because I am always open to new learning, new growth, and new ideas and I might think differently once more.”

That is really cool. 😎

You should seriously celebrate yourself. Like maybe have a dance party, or paint a wall or something. 😉

Just find some way to celebrate yourself and your ability to love others, even when they don’t agree, or don’t see what you see. It’s a big deal that you don’t need others to agree with you in order to love them wholly and completely. People can feel that in your hugs. That’s why they are so special.

Seriously, girl, celebrate! Life is beautiful! Because you decided that it is. 🥰



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